Discover Barcelona with our recommendations on activities, art, popular festivals and much more to enjoy the city of Barcelona in the best way.

Ruta Gaudí en Barcelona (Completa)

Born in Reus on June 25, 1852, the architect Antoni Gaudí i Cornet spent much of his life in Barcelona, city in which he died on June 10, 1926, leaving unfinished one of his great works: The “Sagrada Familia” Holy Temple.

Luckily, he succeeded to complete many other ones that we encourage you to visit in a one or two day tour of the city.

This is the full route of Gaudi’s works in Barcelona.

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Hotel rooftop week in Barcelona 2019 - Activities and Leisure

 The Barcelona Hotel rooftop week 2019 “Semana de las terrazas de hoteles 2019” inaugurates a summer full of leisure activities in Barcelona. Discover them with Fisa Rentals apartments right in the centre of the city.

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Night of San Juan in Barcelona 2019: Festivals, Bonfires and Where to stay

The night of San Juan is one of the most special nights in Barcelona. Here below, you can read the program of this year 2019 with recommendations on where to stay at Fisa Rentals apartments.


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Sónar 2019 in Barcelona: Night, Day, Off Sónar and +D

Sónar festival is one of the most important electronic and experimental music event in the world and one of the MUSIC FESTIVALS in Barcelona in capital letters. Read more

The Best Coworking spaces in Barcelona (ideal for Digital Nomads)

The digital nomads are lucky enough to be able to work wherever they want while they have a good internet connection. Therefore, there are many who have chosen Barcelona as their place of residence: cosmopolitan city where there is good weather and the beach 10 minutes from downtown. Anything else? Yes, hundreds of great coworking spaces to choose from. But ... which one would you choose? Read more

The best beaches near Barcelona to reach by train: nice and quiet

If you ask a local for the best beaches in Barcelona you will surely skip Barceloneta and you will be encouraged to take the train. That does not mean that Barcelonians do not enjoy the sea in their city, but we do tend to look for more quiet environments

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3 of the most historic tapas bars in Barcelona (and with a terrace!)

You may not get a free tapa with your drink in Barcelona like in other places in Spain, but Barcelona's people have certainly known how to make an art of the terraceo, which means having tapas outdoors. 


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How to get to El Prat Airport from Barcelona. Transportation by bus, metro, taxi and train.

There are several options to get to El Prat Airport from the city of Barcelona. We review them all so you can choose the one that suits you the best, for price or convenience.

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Living in Barcelona as a local and not as a tourist

You already booked your accommodation in the center of Barcelona with all the amenities to live a season in the city. Now all you need are the secrets to feel like a local and not like a tourist. This is all you have to know to stop being a guiri anymore.



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Carnival in Barcelona - Program and Dates 2019

Carnestoltes is the word in Catalan that means carnival. A week of costumes, music and charangas, that begins with the dijous gras or llarder – “Fat  Thursday” (“Jueves lardero in Spanish) - and ends with the “Ash Wednesday”.

The dates for this year 2019 will be from February, 28th to March, 6th.

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Where to Run in Barcelona (and Races and Marathons Calendar)

If you are a running addict and you are lucky enough to be in Barcelona, ​​you can choose between urban trails, on the beach or in the mountains. These are our 10 favorite places to run in Barcelona:

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L'Aquàrium de Barcelona. Get a 10% off with Fisa Rentals Apartments.

Did you know that L'Aquàrium de Barcelona has about 11,000 organisms living in 450 different species?

L'Aquàrium de Barcelona with discount

At Fisa Rental apartments Barcelona we invite you to discover it with a special 10% off, but beforehands we tell you everything you need to know to prepare your visit.

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What to do at New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2018, with and without children.

Barcelona is a city with a wide variety of cultural and leisure activities throughout the year, and even more on special dates like New Year's Eve.

If you are planning on to spend December 31st in the city, we tell you what to do this New Year's Eve 2018 in Barcelona; with children, as a couple, with friends ... This is all you cannot miss.

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Modernist route through Barcelona

Modernist route through Barcelona. The 12 Essentials.

Gaudí is surely one of the most well-known representatives of Catalan modernism in the world, but there are many other architectural gems of this movement that you cannot miss.

If you want to discover them, we have prepared this modernist route through Barcelona with a map so that it is very easy to orientate yourself and plan the day.

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What to do in Barcelona in the fall

What to do in Barcelona in the fall? Best activities and plans.

Autumn is an ideal season to travel to the city of Barcelona. There are many fewer tourists than at other times of the year and the temperature is very pleasant, even to go to the beach.

If you keep reading we will tell you everything you can do in Barcelona in the fall, the months of September, October and November.


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ESHRE 2018 en Barcelona

The annual convention of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology this 2018 returns to take place in Barcelona. We tell you when it is, where and how to find the best accommodation for those days with Fisa Rentals.

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Congreso Mundial de Oftalmología en Barcelona (WOC) 2018. Novedades y dónde dormir.

World Congress of Ophthalmology in Barcelona (WOC) 2018. News and where to sleep.

Barcelona will host the World Ophthalmology Congress (WOC for its acronym in English) for the first time this 2018. Next, we tell you what you cannot miss if you are a specialist in the sector.

- The news that will be presented
- Practical information and where to stay

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Primavera Sound 2018. Information and free concerts.

Primavera Sound 2018 music festival. Information and free concerts.

If you have or do not have an entrance ticket for Primavera Sound (220 euros for the ticket, around 90 euros for the day ticket), if you are an indie music fan, we recommend that you join the opening and closing concerts, completely free of charge.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Primavera Sound in Barcelona.

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Christmas in Barcelona: traditions, customs and gastronomy

Barcelona is a wonderful city to spend the Christmas season. For its attractiveness and Catalan traditions, it is a unique experience whether you come as a couple, friends or family.

Discover with us the most famous Catalan customs of Christmas during your stay in Barcelona.

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The day that Barcelona shines the most

If somebody from abroad would ever ask me what is the best time to visit Barcelona, I would not hesitate to recommend them to go to Barcelona for Sant Jordi (Saint George´s), the day that Barcelona shines the most. Sant Jordi is not only a day for books and roses, for culture and love, it is also probably the festival that unites Barcelona residents the most. Therefore, do not hesitate and rent an apartment in the Catalan capital on the 23rd on April.

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It’s Mobile World Congress time again

Since 2006 Barcelona hosts annually the GSMA Mobile World Congress, which brings together the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry and a conference featuring prominent executives representing mobile companies. If you are renting an apartment in Barcelona between the 22nd and 25th of February and if you are interested in innovation and technology, the Mobile World Congress is definitely an event to keep an eye on.

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Carnival in Rio? No, join Carnival in Barcelona!

Rio de Janeiro is a city worldwide well-known for its Carnival celebrations as well as other European cities, such as Cologne or Maastricht. In Catalonia, some municipalities like Sitges or Vilanova i la Geltrú are also popular for their acclaimed Carnival festivals, but the capital, Barcelona, also offers a wide range of cultural and social activities around these dates. If you are renting an apartment in Barcelona this week, find out more about what to expect and see in Barcelona from the 4th to the 10th of February.

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Grapes and races: an alternative New Year’s Eve in Barcelona

Many tourists look for apartments in Barcelona to spend New Year’s Eve in a Mediterranean vibrant city. Barcelona is a safe choice for a great New Year’s Eve party but visitors can also enjoy of other cultural traditions in their stay, such as eating twelve grapes for the year’s countdown or running in the last race of the year.

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Caga Tió visits Catalan homes instead of Santa Claus

Many European regions and countries have their own peculiar Christmas traditions. Catalonia is not an exception. The Caga Tió, literally translated as “Poo log”, as odd as it might sound, brings presents to Catalan children every Christmas Eve. If you are renting a flat in Barcelona around Christmas dates, take the chance to celebrate this original tradition.

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It’s Christmas time also in Barcelona

While most tourists who want to rent an apartment in Barcelona would not consider doing so during Christmas time, the city offers a wide range of activities to keep yourself entertained around those dates. In line with other European cities, Christmas lights, ‘black Friday’ and Christmas markets are some of the main highlights that Barcelona offers to tourists in December.

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You say Halloween, we say La Castanyada

La Castanyada is celebrated on the 31st of October in Catalonia where families and friends gather to eat together chestnuts, marzipan sweets called ‘panellets’, sweet potatoes and preserved fruits and drink moscatell. If you are renting an apartment in Barcelona around these dates, you will definitely get to see some street vendors offering you hot toasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes in a ‘paperina’.

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You are not the only one visiting Catalonia

If you are renting an apartment in Barcelona and you think you are rather original, you should know you are not the only one visiting the city. Catalonia is the region that has received the largest amount of tourists this year, accounting for 25.7% of the tourists visiting Spain.

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Jazz, jazz and more jazz

If you rent an apartment in Barcelona this autumn, you should take a look at the programme offered by the Barcelona Jazz Festival 2015. From the 26th of September to the 11th of December, Barcelona hosts over 30 jazz music concerts in different unique concerts halls all over the city. Dianna Krall, Chucho Valdés or Txarango are some of the highlights of the programme of this 47th edition.

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Come to Barcelona and celebrate La Mercè

Every year as the end of September approaches, all Barcelona locals are looking forward to the same celebration: La Mercè. From the 18th to the 24th of September, Barcelona will host a wide range of traditional events across the city, from human castles to concerts and fireworks.

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Cinephiles will approve

If you are on holidays in an apartment in Barcelona and you want to go to the cinema, you might think it is not possible if you do not know Spanish. The reality is though that in the last years more and more movie theatres in the city offer films in Original Version (OV) with subtitles. This article offers you an insight on where to go to watch a movie in OV in Barcelona.

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‘La Diada’ or how Catalonia commemorates its defeat

On the 11th of September Catalonia celebrates its national day and it is an interesting opportunity to find accommodation in Barcelona and experience the city like a local. Cultural and political events all over the city commemorate the defeat of Catalonia in the War of Spanish Succession.

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