Living in Barcelona as a local and not as a tourist

Living in Barcelona as a local and not as a tourist You already booked your accommodation in the center of Barcelona with all the amenities to live a season in the city. Now all you need are the secrets to feel like a local and not like a tourist. This is all you have to know to stop being a guiri anymore.    
  • The right amount of sun. Put on sun block and learn how to enjoy the surrounding beaches: Gavà, Sitges, Castelldefels, Ocata ... - you can get to all of them easily with mid-distance trains - . In summer, Barceloneta is for outsiders.

    • Barcelona is surrounded by the Llobregat River, on the east, the Besós river, on the west, the mountain, on the north, and the sea, on the south. It's easier to set your boundaries, right?

    • Enjoy the good weather and the green spaces in the city for sports. Here is a list of the best places to run.

    • The metro and bus network is one of the best in Europe, but you must “watch your belongings at all times and never, never put your mobile phone in your back pocket or carry your bag with the zipper open.

    • You will walk everywhere, however when tell you that everything is 10 minutes away, it will be more than half an hour.

    • If you get tired, you can take the Bicing. When you get it, they will mistake you for another inhabitant of Barcelona. At Fisa Rentals we also have discounts on bike rental at Happy Rentals Bike.

    • The lunch menus are an excellent opportunity to taste the cuisine of good restaurants for only 10 or 20 euros. Barcelona is a city with a great gastronomic variety and it would be a sin not to enjoy it.

    • That's why, in general, you avoid the bars located in Las Ramblas or any restaurant with the Paellador sign. That is not “arroz”.

    • Instead of sandwich de queso y jamón” (cheese and ham sandwich), you will ask for a bikini. And lukewarm water is called agua natural.


  • And unfortunately, in the capital of Catalonia tapas are not served for free along with drinks like in Andalusia.

    • On the other hand, you can find pà amb tomàquet (bread with tomato), “crema catalana” (Catalan cream) and calçots (in February)

    • You can communicate in English or Spanish without any problem. However, if you learn some Catalan words you will win over your new local friends. Just in case, avoid political issues until you feel confident.

    • The Catalans have a reputation for being stingy. The certain thing is that everyone pays their part. This makes it easier to split the bill.

    • Another one of the sayings about the Catalans is that they are close-minded. Luckily, the stereotype goes on saying that once they open the doors it is forever

    • Going out now? What if it's raining ...! Usually it is shocking for people from the north but whenever it’s starting to rain, the city collapses. And we are not talking about snow ...

    • It is also important that you begin to familiarize yourself with the strange relationship between Catalan culture and eschatology. In the Nativity there is a caganer (a figure of a squatting pooing person), for Christmas the caga tió is celebrated ('Poo Log') and the supporters of the Barça are called culers”.

    • And finally, the hours, somewhat earlier than in the rest of Spain but later than in Europe. In most restaurants you can eat until 4pm and dinner until 11pm. Do not worry, if you spend time, you'll find something. Food is very important for the people of Barcelona.


Where to live in Barcelona. The best neighborhoods

In Barcelona there are 11 districts divided into 73 neighborhoods.

One of the best areas is the Eixample district. Made of wide streets and luminous apartments.

Ciutat Vella, in the heart of the city, is also one of the favorite places for tourists, with the famous neighborhoods of Raval, El Born and La Barceloneta, among others.

At Fisa Rentals we have 30 apartments in these areas for mid-length stays, from 31 nights up to 11 months.


Here you can see our options for long-term rentals in the center.

Districts and neighborhoods of Barcelona

Other districts of Barcelona are:

Gracia and Sants, two of the best known for their traditional summer celebrations and for remembering the village they used to be.

Sarriá, is part of the upper part of the city where houses and shops for high-income people are located.

Les Corts, where you can visit the Camp Nou. A mostly quiet environment yet far away from the center.

Sant Martí, in full boiling with the remodeling of the Plaza de Las Glorias and the proliferation of businesses in the 22@ (innovation district).

Horta Guinardó, Nou Barris and Sant Andreu are also districts of Barcelona, ​​although more peripheral areas.

We are waiting for you at Fisa Rentals Apartments so you can live in the city like another inhabitant of Barcelona!