Christmas in Barcelona: traditions, customs and gastronomy


Barcelona is a wonderful city to spend the Christmas season. For its attractiveness and Catalan traditions, it is a unique experience whether you come as a couple, friends or family.
Discover with us the most famous Catalan customs of Christmas during your stay in Barcelona.

Christmas markets in Barcelona

When December begins, the city dresses in its best and one can enjoy very pleasant walks through the streets full of Christmas lights.
The Catalans usually go to Christmas markets to buy the Christmas tree, figures of Bethlehem or Christmas decorations. The most famous and biggest one is the Feria de Santa Lucia that is held every year during the first weeks of December in the Plaza de la Catedral (Cathedral square) de Barcelona. There are more than 280 stands to find all kinds of ornaments and typical Christmas presents. And if you go through the neighborhood of Sagrada Familia you can also visit another market specializing in Christmas products that takes place next to the basilica.

The second largest market is the Feria de Reyes that is celebrated a little later as it coincides with the arrival of the Wise Men in the city on January 6th. The market is typically held in the Gran Vía de Les Corts Catalanes in Barcelona, ​​between the streets of Muntaner and Calabria. There you can find all kinds of Christmas ornaments, gifts and toys for the little ones.

Catalan Christmas gastronomy

There is no Christmas without gastronomic traditions. Also, Catalan traditions vary from those of the rest of Spain. In Catalonia, Christmas is celebrated especially on Christmas Day (December 25th) where the famous escudella catalana and carn d'olla (Christmas stock) are usually cooked, which will be the basis for the preparation of typical dishes such as the famous Galets Soup (broth with typical pasta) or the delicious canelones (cannelloni which are cooked with the meat that has been used to make the broth). Canelones are eaten as a family on San Esteban day (December 26th), which is also a holiday in Catalonia.
A part of these dishes are traditional desserts such as polvorones, turrones, mazapán (marzipan), but especially neules (tube-shaped wafers) crunchy and delicious when accompanied with a glass of cava (sparkling wine from Catalonia).

The Caga Tió

One of the most anticipated Christmas traditions of children in Catalonia is the Caga Tió and is celebrated on the night of December, 24th.

The Tió de Nadal is a wooden trunk that wears the typical barretina (traditional Catalan hat), two legs, a smiling face and always covered with a blanket. The youngest ones will have to take care of it the days before Christmas Eve, tucking it in and offering food so that the latter can bring the gifts on the festive night. The tradition marks that the smallest ones must hit the Tió with a cane while singing a song so that the Christmas presents come out of it.

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Visit Barcelona in Christmas and discover a city full of charm and activities for all ages. We are waiting for you and we wish you a Merry Christmas!

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