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If you are on holidays in an apartment in Barcelona and you want to go to the cinema, you might think it is not possible if you do not know Spanish. The reality is though that in the last years more and more movie theatres in the city offer films in Original Version (OV) with subtitles. This article offers you an insight on where to go to watch a movie in OV in Barcelona.

When you travel abroad and it starts raining, you might often think: ‘It would be a good idea to go to the cinema.’ However, if you do not speak the native language of the country, you might encounter a problem in that plan: the movies in the cinema are dubbed. Particularly in Spain, that is the case of most movie theatres, but there are also some exceptions.

If you have accomodation in Barcelona and you fancy going to the movies, this article provides you with a list of cinemas where films are offered in Original Version (OV). The original language of the movies ranges from English, French or German, but you can also watch films in Spanish so that you can practice your language skills. Numerous studies have shown that watching movies in VO with subtitles greatly helps you to acquire a new language, therefore it is highly recommended practice.

Cines Verdi: Verdi, 43 - tel. 93 238 79 90 - Metro: L3 Fontana

 Zumzeig Cinema: Béjar, 53. - tel. 93 250 9140 - Metro: L3 Tarragona

Cines Méliès: Villaroel, 102 - tel. 93 451 0051 - Metro: L1 Urgell

Icària Yelmo:  Salvador Espriu, 61 - tel. 93 221 7585 - Metro: L4 Ciutadella – Vila Olímpica  

Renoir Floridablanca: Floridablanca, 135 - tel. 93 426 3337 - Metro: L2 Sant Antoni

Renoir Les Corts: Eugeni d’Ors, 12 - tel. 93 490 5510 - Metro: L3 Les Corts

Cinemes Girona: Girona, 175 - tel. 93 118 4531 - Metro: L5 Verdaguer

Furthermore, if you visit Barcelona during the summer, do not miss some of the open air movie festivals hosted in the city normally during July and August. All the films are offered in VO and you can have a pleasant time by the Castle of Montjuïc, the CCCB museum or the sea.

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