The Best Coworking spaces in Barcelona (ideal for Digital Nomads)

The digital nomads are lucky enough to be able to work wherever they want while they have a good internet connection. Therefore, there are many who have chosen Barcelona as their place of residence: cosmopolitan city where there is good weather and the beach 10 minutes from downtown. Anything else? Yes, hundreds of great coworking spaces to choose from. But ... which one would you choose?

The best coworking spaces in Barcelona

By definition, coworking spaces are shared workspaces by professionals of various disciplines to reduce expenses, of course, but also to break the isolation of working alone at home. And that means being able to extend their network of contacts in order to find new collaborative projects.

This is our selection of the best coworking offices in Barcelona close to our Fisa Rentalslong-term rental apartments:

Map best coworking offices in Barcelona

1) Coworkings in the Eixample: Bailén / Gran Vía
Located in the heart of the city and, at the same time, with all the style of Barcelona’s Eixample district, our apartments in Bailén and Gran Vía are an ideal option to enjoy the city.

Within 5 minute walking distance, you’ll find these workspaces:

· CREC Coworking.
· Transforms BCN.
· Coworking Office 24.
· MOB.
· Cloudworks Sant Pere / Coworking & private offices, with very special views of the city.
· Aticco Urquinaona, with an incredible panoramic view of Barcelona.
· Sky 4 Office Coworking
· Camaleó Coworking Barcelona, ​​specialized in video and design photos.
2) Pelayo
Our apartments in Pelayo are located in one of the best valued areas by tourists.

One step away from Plaça de Catalunya and all the public transport of the city.

These are two of the best coworking offices in the area:

· Imagin Café
· Coworkidea

What should have a good coworking space?

The first coworking spaces registered were opened in San Francisco in 2005. Since then, not only have they proliferated all over the world but they have evolved a lot.

This is what a good coworking space must offer today:

Design. It is most proven: when the space is bright, orderly and welcoming, we produce more and better. A good decoration is the key to going to the office with more enthusiasm.

Equipment and services: wifi, meeting rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, showers, sofas, reception, cleaning ... The list should be extensive and of quality.

Networking. Not only is it enough to work, you also have to save time to socialize and make contacts that could become new partners or clients. The most advanced coworking spaces know this and for that reason they organize afterwork activities quite frequently.

Specialized coworkings and for artists in Barcelona

Another trend that has been pointed out not a few coworking centers in Barcelona is specialization. That is, in the creation of true hubs of interdisciplinary knowledge within a specific sector: fashion, engineering, design ...

An architect, for example, will surely need to work with an interior designer and a photographer, among others. So ... why not work all together in the same space to save costs and take advantage of new job opportunities?

These are some of the specialized coworking spaces in Barcelona with more personality:

Coworkings for photographers

• The aforementioned Camaleó Coworking, focused on photography, video and design, for example, has material to rent in addition to different sets and an ideal terrace to carry out the recording sessions.

Coworkings for designers: co-sewing

• On the other hand, the Muchafibra workshop, is at the same time a coworking and a dressmaking academy with an agenda full of sewing courses.

• Something different, the Lantoki one invites professional fashion designers to use their space to teach their own workshops and classes. This project also embraces the fashion of co-sewing, that is, something like "collective sewing" with the rent of space and the necessary tools to carry out the creation of pieces. As an extra, in addition, in the Lantoki they have a shop in which the pieces made are sold.

How much does a coworking space cost?

Currently in Barcelona you can find coworking spaces from 150 euros to 300 or 400 monthly depending on the services and additional activities.

At Fisa Rentals apartments we encourage you to live as a local in Barcelona enjoying all the advantages of this great city.

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