What to do in Barcelona in the fall? Best activities and plans.

Autumn is an ideal season to travel to the city of Barcelona. There are many fewer tourists than at other times of the year and the temperature is very pleasant, even to go to the beach.

If you keep reading we will tell you everything you can do in Barcelona in the fall, the months of September, October and November.  

The 5 best activities to do in autumn in Barcelona

     1. If autumn officially begins on the 21st, Barcelona celebrates it in style with the Fiesta Mayor of the saint patron of the city,la Mercè. From September 21st to 24th. During these days the city is filled with hundreds of activities and free concerts that are organized simultaneously throughout the city.

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    2. During the months of September and early October in Barcelona you can still go to the beach with the advantage of being able to find a good place in the front line with more ease. Also, as the sun is no longer so strong, you can make beautiful excursions following the old Camí de Ronda along the coast. The road from Vilanova to Sitges, for example, is not as impressing as those of the Costa Brava but it can be done in one day comfortably and traveling in rodalías (train) (just over 30 minutes).

3. Taking advantage of the fact that the heat is starting to decrease in mid-September, a very good idea if you travel to Barcelona in the fall is to go around the city by bicycle. Here you can check the available bike lanes (in red, there are many).

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In case you are interested, here is a route of the Modernist Barcelona so you can see it while you are travelling on two wheels

Map Route of the Modernist Barcelona

    4. All Saints' Day, is (or was) the Spanish celebration equivalent to American Halloween, although more and more locals and people who integrate the customs of the American tradition forgetting their own. The habit that has not changed the locals is to go to visit the cemetery to their loved ones to clean the grave and decorate it with fresh flowers. Something less frequent is that families come together to explain ghosts stories sharing different products according to the region. In Catalonia the most typical culinary specialty for these dates are panellets, an egg-based dessert, sugar and almond, as well as the most classic pine nuts.

    5. Finally, if you visit Barcelona in the fall, you cannot leave without buying chestnuts or sweet potatoes at the street vendors of castañeras. They cost around 3 euros half a dozen and are great to warm the body when it starts getting cold.

What’s the weather like in Barcelona in the fall?  September, October and November

If you're wondering what to do in Barcelona in the fall, you'll probably also want to know what the weather is like:

The weather in the city in September is still like in summer (from 26 to 24 Celsius degrees on average), although rains are much more frequent. In October, the temperatures are already starting to decrease but the weather is still very pleasant (about 16ºC as a minimum). In fact, it is the same in November (with a minimum of 11 Celsius degrees), and Barcelona being a coastal city, the temperatures are not as extreme as in other points of the Spanish geography.

What to do in the fall if it rains?

In Barcelona it usually rains little and, most of the time it does intensely and for a short period of time. However, if it happens to rain while you are visiting the city, at Fisa Rentals we suggest you take advantage of it by learning how to cook.

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