The best ski resorts near Barcelona to spend the weekend


The best ski resorts near Barcelona to spend the weekend

A step away from the Pyrenees mountains, around Barcelona there is no shortage of destinations to enjoy the snow and the mountains. We tell you which are the best places to go skiing near the city and plan a perfect weekend getaway.

The best skiing sites near Barcelona

Below, you can read the list of the best skiing spots near Barcelona, ordered according to their distance from the city.
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Ski resorts in the Catalan Pyrenean mountains: Vall de Núria, Port del Comte, La Molina

1) The closest ski resort to Barcelona is the Vall de Núria, just 110 km from the Catalan capital. The facilities offer 7 km of skiing space and 11 slopes, making it an ideal alternative for beginners and to enjoy with the family.

How to get there? As a specificity, it cannot be reached by car, but only on the iconic cogwheel train that presents an exciting route through the Núria and Queralbs valley, leaving behind traffic noise and overcoming a slope of more than 1000 meters.

2) Another interesting option located less than 150km from Barcelona, is the Port del Comte ski resort, in the province of Lleida. Easily accessible and surrounded by impressive black pine forests, it has 50 km of skiing space and 38 slopes divided by levels so that both beginners and experts can enjoy the most.

3) Only two hours by car from Barcelona, La Molina stands out for its unique views of Cerdanya and for being considered one of the most developed ski resorts for athletes with disabilities.
And it is that what was one of the first ski resorts in Spain, has never ceased to be renewed, presenting today the most complete services, among others: 70 km skiing space, 66 slopes adapted to the different degrees of experience of its users, a permanent Boardercross circuit, a children's area, sled circuits, snowshoes and snowmobiles, etc.

You can take the opportunity to: plan an excursion through the most picturesque charming villages in the area. Among them, we recommend La Tosa, very well connected and with a spectacular view of the four municipalities in the area: Das, Urús, Alp and Bagà.

From La Molina, you can also easily reach Llívia, with a beautiful medieval old town, or the Muga lakes in the Llosa valley.

Ski in Andorra

One of the most popular mountain destinations near Barcelona is Andorra, just 3 hours by car from the city.

There we find the Grandvalira and Ordino-Arcalís stations:

4) Grandvalira is considered one of the best ski resorts in the Iberian Peninsula as a proof,  the multiple championships that are organized there every year. With more than 200 km of skiing, it has a highly recommended excursion program to the natural parks of Comapedrosa, Sorteny and Madriu.

5) On the other hand, in Ordino-Arcalís you can make a great variety of apres-ski, hiking in idyllic landscapes hidden between the mountains like the lakes of Tristania.

Ski resorts in the Aragonese Pyrenean mountains: Candanchú, Panticosa-Formigal

The Aragonese Pyrenean mountains house mountainous landscapes of great beauty and two of the most famous ski resorts: Candanchú and Panticosa-Formigal.

6) Located in the Aragonese Pyrenean mountains, Candanchú is, like La Molina, one of the oldest ski resorts. Therefore, despite being 360 km from Barcelona, it is still one of the favorite destinations of the mountain and snow fans of Barcelona.

7) Finally, more or less at the same distance, the Panticosa-Formigal station seduces with its more than 180 km of skiing, slopes for all levels and an environment of unique beauty.
From there, you can prepare visits to the surrounding villages such as Lanuza, where stone houses with slate roofs merge between the mountains, or the popular Hoz de Jaca viewpoint over the Tena Valley.

If you want more, here you can see a list of the most charming medieval villages near Barcelona.

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