How to get to El Prat Airport from Barcelona. Transportation by bus, metro, taxi and train.

There are several options to get to El Prat Airport from the city of Barcelona. We review them all so you can choose the one that suits you the best, for price or convenience.

How to get to El Prat Airport from the center of Barcelona by bus

There are two types of buses that connect Barcelona with the Airport: the Aerobús, which are a bit more expensive but direct and happen very frequently, and the interurban buses, recommended for those who travel at dawn.

1) Aerobus (airport shuttle)

Departing from Plaza Cataluña, Sepúlveda-Urgell and Plaza de España, the Aerobús is one of the fastest and most reliable options for getting to the airport.

You have to be careful to take the A1 if your flight leaves from Terminal 1 or A2 if you have to get to Terminal 2.

If you make a mistake, there is a free bus that connects all the terminals.

Time of the journey: about 35 minutes from Plaza Cataluña or 20 from Plaza de España.
Ticket price: the one-way ticket costs 5.90 and the round-trip ticket costs 10.20, valid for 10 days.
Hours: from 5 in the morning until 00.30 in the morning every 10 minutes, 365 days a year.

IMPORTANT: do not accept payments in cash with banknotes of over 20 euros.


2) Metropolitan buses

During the day bus 46 has 3 stops in central points of the city: Paral·lel - Llançà, Paral·lel - Mistral and Plaza España - Las Arenas Shopping Center.

The same bus goes through the T2 and continues until the T1.

Journey time: about 40 minutes to get to T2 and 55 to get to T1 depending on traffic.
Ticket price: serves the regular T-10 ticket (10,20 euros for 10 trips). If not, the cost of the single ticket is 2.20 euros.
Hours: working from 4.50 in the morning until 23.50. Saturdays and holidays from 4.50 to 23.50. The frequency of passage is approximately 38 minutes.

IMPORTANT: you must notify the driver well in advance of the stop. If you have any questions do not hesitate to consult.

At night and early in the morning your bus is the N17. You can take it in Plaza España or Plaza Cataluña-Ronda Universitat.

Like bus 46, the N17 stops first in T2 and ends in T1.

Journey time: about 25 minutes to get to T2 and 40 to get to T1 (variable depending on traffic).
Ticket price: in this case you can also use the T-10 (10.20 euros for 10 trips or 2.20 euros for the single ticket).
Schedule: starts at 11pm and a bus departs every 20 minutes until 5 in the morning.

IMPORTANT: the T10 cannot be bought on the bus. For that you will have to use the machines enabled in the subway and in the train stations or the Airport itself as well as in some tobacconists and kiosks.


How to get to El Prat Airport from Barcelona by metro

The L9 Sud with connection to the Torrasa metro lines (L1 and L10 south), Collblanc (L5 and L10 south) and the University Zone (L3) has stops at terminals 1 and 2 of the Barcelona Airport.

Trip time: calculates a minimum of 1 minute per stop and 10 more for the time of transfer.
Ticket price: you have to buy a special ticket that costs 4.60 euros per trip. The regular metro and bus ticket or the T-10 is not valid.
Schedule: the usual meter: from Sunday to Monday from 5 in the morning until 24 hours, Friday from 5 to 2 in the morning and Saturdays without interruption.

IMPORTANT: if you are staying in the center of the city, surely this is not one of the best options to get to the airport.

How to get to El Prat Airport from Barcelona by train from Sants and more

To get to the airport by train you have to take the R2 suburban line with stops at Estació de França, Clot Aragó, Passeig de Gracia and Sants Estació.

The train connects only with Terminal 2, once there, if you want to go to Terminal 1 you will have to take the free shuttle service.
Journey time: 38 minutes from Estació de França, 32 from Clot Aragó, 26 from Passeig de Gracia and 19 from Barcelona Sants.

Ticket price: the cost is 1.02 cents if you travel with the T-10 or 2.20 if you buy a single ticket. Remember that single tickets are not included
in the integrated fare system, so you'll have to pay every time you use a different means of transport: bus, metro or train.
Schedule: a train passes every 30 minutes from 5 in the morning until 00.30 in the morning. It is advisable to consult the schedules directly on the Renfe page.
How to get to El Prat Airport from Barcelona by taxi

A taxi service from Plaza Cataluña to the Airport costs approximately 30 euros.

From the apartments in the center of Barcelona Fisa Rentals we manage the transfer service for free, or we give it to you for stays longer than 5 days.

Have a good trip!

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