(Municipal and Private) swimming pools in Barcelona

Having a list of the best swimming pools in Barcelona, public and private ones is the ideal solution for this summer. And to make it easier for you to access them we have grouped them by areas.

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The best outdoor pools in Barcelona (MAP)


Municipal swimming pools in Monjuic

Near the busy area of Plaza de España, there are two municipal swimming pools where you can find the peace you were looking for.

The two pools were built to host the competitions of the 92 Olympic Games and are very close to each other. The second has amazing views of the entire city.

Center Esportiu Municipal Piscines Bernat Picornell

Av. Estadi, 30-38

934 234 041


Piscines Municipals de Montjuïc

Av. Miramar, 31

934 430 046

When you leave, you can enjoy a walk in the mountain. We highly recommend you to go to El Xalet, a mythical restaurant for its panoramic view of Barcelona although somewhat expensive. In the area you also have La Caseta del Migdia (with a much more relaxed atmosphere) and, of course, Montjuic Castle.

In this area there is also the pool of the Reial Societat de Tennis Pompeia (Foixarda street, 2). You can access whenever you pay the tuition and the monthly fee.


Outdoor pools in the center of Barcelona

The public access pools in the center of Barcelona are a treasure in summer. First, a dip and then countless leisure alternatives in a comfortable 10 minute surroundings.

Center Esportiu Municipal Parc de la Ciutadella

Paseo Circumval·lació, 3

933 15 22 04

The outdoor swimming pool with solarium is at the foot of the Ciutadella Park, in the Born district and near the Barceloneta. A must to cool off and continue with the agenda in the city.


DIR Seven outdoor pool

Sunday Passage, 7


The pool is not too big but enough to take a dip. It is located next to Paseo de Gracia, almost reaching Diagonal.


Outdoor pools next to the beach

For the undecided or groups that want both beach and pool this is the ideal option. Facilities very close to the mythical Hotel Vela and with privileged views towards the sea.

There are two options of pools, a public one and the other private, next to each other:

Center Esportiu Municipal de Sant Sebastià

Plaza Mar 1



Club Natació Barcelona

Paseo Joan de Borbó, 93

932 21 46 00

It is necessary to be a member or meet someone who is to access the site.

Another alternative is to approach the bathing area of ​​the Forum, or what has been a beach without sand and with lockers, public toilets and dressing rooms. In short, a great salt water pool.

Forum Bathing Area

Parc del Fòrum s / n

932 247 571


Other of the largest pools in Barcelona

In the district of Les Corts, near the Campo del Barça and the Sarriá neighborhood with the famous Tomás bar bravas, there is one of the largest and best known outdoor swimming pools in the city. With lawn area to spend the day and next to two movie theatres.

DIR Diagonal outdoor pool

Ganduxer Street, 25

932 02 22 02


At the other end of the city, in Sant Andreu, there is a huge artificial lake with more than 15,000 sq. meters. If you go, do not forget to walk afterwards through the old town, discovering an area of ​​Barcelona that still retains such as the town it used to be.

Llac de Can Dragó

Rosselló i Porcell street, 7-11

932 76 04 80


Swimming pools for children in Barcelona

If what you are looking for is a cheap pool to go with children, this year 2019 will open a new one in the Joan Miró Park (behind Plaza de España). The entrance will cost 1.60 euros for two hours.

It will have: water circuits, slides and sprinklers.


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