Electric scooter rental in Barcelona: discover the city in total freedom

At Fisa Rentals we want to recommend a new way to get around Barcelona. With Lynx Sharing electric scooters you can explore every corner of the city in a fast and fun way.

Why renting an electric scooter in Barcelona is such a good option?

Being a city of a relatively small size, renting an electric scooter allows you to see more Barcelona in less time, without getting tired.

As a curiosity, for instance, to go fron the Camp Nou that is located at one end of the city and to the Forum beach, on the other, it would take about 40 minutes. Practically half what it would take by public transport and without the cumbersome transfers.

These are other advantages of renting an electric scooter in Barcelona:

• Electric scooters are suitable for everyone and very easy to use.
• They are very fun to drive, so you can enjoy all the journeys you make.
• Barcelona is one of the friendliest cities for this type of transport since it has more than 200 kilometers of bicycle lanes to travel without problems, with a particularly beautiful walk along the entire beach of Barcelona.
• The network of pedestrian streets in the center, in the Raval, Gothic, Born and Barceloneta neighborhoods, are also particularly attractive for moving on electric scooters with total comfort.
• As if that was not enough, another attraction to explore the city outdoors is the unbeatable climate of the city, with 300 days of sunshine per year on average and a temperature that usually does not fall below 10°C, not even in winter.

Rent scooters with Lynx Sharing

At Fisa Rentals Apartments we recommend you to rent electric scooters through Lynx Sharing for the following reasons:

• Their service is rated 5 stars by their customers, and they explain how to use them, where you can go, etc.
• They offer different models of scooters, also for children.
• Your rental per days allow you to enjoy the electric scooter with total flexibility, and they give you a charger so you can reload the battery at night in the apartment.

What do you have to do to rent an electric sccoter?

As a Fisa Rentals’ client you will get 5€ discount for purchases of a minimum of 50€, using the promo code BCNFR.

For online rentals, please insert the BCNFR promo code during the booking process while making the payment and show your Fisa Rentals booking confirmation when you go and pick up your scooter at the store.
For rentals at the store, you will have to  you will only need the receipt for the reservation of your Fisa Rentals apartment and the discount will apply.

In addition, Lynx Sharing gives you the possibility to request the scooter to be sent and collected at the apartment, to add the rental of locks, to hire tours, etc. Just choose the scooter model that you like, the extras, the duration and ... enjoy a new way to get to know Barcelona!

For more information, visit Lynx Sharing’s website here. Click on the following link to know the discounts you can get for bike rentals with Fisa Rentals Apartments.