Rent an electric scooter in Barcelona

Explore the city in total freedom

Are you someone who loves to get lost in a new city? At Fisa Rentals we want to recommend a new way to get around Barcelona. With INOKIM electric scooters you canwill be able to explore every corner of the city in a fast and fun way.

Find out all the advantages of renting an electric scooter in Barcelona, so you can explore the most emblematic places in the city with complete freedom. You will find the best starting point for your adventures in our rental apartments in Barcelona city centre.

Why renting an electric scooter in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a relatively small city, but with an infinite number of sites and monuments to visit. Renting an electric scooter in Barcelona allows you to see more of the city in less time, without getting tired.This is the best way to get around whether you're only visiting for a few days, or you prefer to avoid public transport and move around as you like.

For example, it takes about 40 minutes to get from Camp Nou, which is located at one end of the city, to the Forum beach at the other end. That is practically half the time it takes you to make the same journey by public transport, and without the cumbersome transfers and traffic jams.

These are other advantages of renting an electric scooter in Barcelona:

Alquiler patinete electrico en Barcelona


Move around Barcelona on a different, safe and funny way.

THE SCOOTER Inokim Light2 Super

  1. Safety

    Front and rear drum brakes, rear motor and high quality its materials offer you greater stability and comfort.

  2. Quality

    The quality of its components give it the category of PREMIUM scooter.

  3. Design

    Perfect balance between lightness and performance, quick and easy folding/unfolding, for a sublime driving experience.

Scooter in Barcelona


  • Comprehensive insurance

    Free roadside assistance up to 100km.

  • Lock

    Although it is not recommended to park the scooter on the street, if it’s done, it must always be secured with a lock.

  • Helmet

    Mandatory use whenever the scooter is being used.

  • Phone holder

    Download the free App “Carrils Bici Barcelona”, place your mobile phone on the holder and enjoy driving through the streets of Barcelona safely

Electric scooter rental in Barcelona
Electric scooter

The best electric scooters for rent in Barcelona

Rent INOKIM scooters 

At Fisa Rentals Apartments we recommend you to rent electric scooters INOKIM for the following reasons:

  • Their service is rated 5 stars by their customers, and there is a full explanation of how to use them and where to go.
  • Inokim scooters are known for their safety, high quality and design. It is one of the leading premium scooter brands on the market.
  • Their daily rental allows you to enjoy the electric scooter with total flexibility, and they give you a charger so you can cjarge the battery at night in the apartment.
  • The rental includes comprehensive insurance, a helmet, a lock and a mobile phone holder, which will be very useful for navigating the streets of Barcelona without having to stop.

Have you already decided where to rent electric scooters in Barcelona? Just fill in the form below and enjoy maximum freedom during your holidays.

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