Night of San Juan in Barcelona 2019: Festivals, Bonfires and Where to stay

The night of San Juan is one of the most special nights in Barcelona. Here below, you can read the program of this year 2019 with recommendations on where to stay at Fisa Rentals apartments.


Night of San Juan, when is it?
In San Juan are celebrated the summer solstice and the shortest night of the year.
However, to be sincere, on that night neither one thing nor the other happen.
And why is that? Because when the Church adopted this pagan festival, it chose to delay it a little in the calendar until it coincides with the birth of San Juan Baptista, the night of June 23rd to 24th.
Festivals and bonfires of San Juan 2019 in Barcelona.
On the night of San Juan, the festivals have an added incentive which is fire. Bonfires that aim to burn everything old: furniture, notes, magazines ...
They are organized by the City Council, in each of the 10 districts of the city, and others of private or associative initiative, although always with the corresponding permits, of course.
However, last year 33 bonfires and some 60 free concerts were scheduled.


San Juan in Barceloneta
Another very important element in the symbolism of the night of San Juan is water. For this reason, people from Barcelona traditionally used to bath at midnight in Barceloneta to purify themselves.
Nowadays, as many of the biggest parties happen around, unfortunately both sand and water are usually very dirty.
If you feel like going to the beach on the following day, you can check here the list of the best beaches in the surroundings of Barcelona.
More about the San Juan party in Barcelona
Traditions. The tradition of the "Flama del Canigó", or "Flame of the Canigó" in English, is a young ritual but with deep roots. Since 1955, every year the llamas stored in a Perpinyà castle are collected and moved to the top of the Canigó mountain. Afterwards, that same fire is shared by all the Catalan populations through volunteers: on foot, by car, by bike ...
If you want to see how it arrives in Barcelona, show up at 6.30pm on the Plaza de Sant Jaume.
The firecrackers. Festivals, fire, water ... and firecrackers! In the booths that you will find scattered during the previous days throughout the city you will see that the options are practically unlimited.
Although, beware, firemen keep saying that "these are a very dangerous toys". So if you are new is this or you have small children it is better to start with the "bombetas" or the "bengalas” (“flares" in English).
Coca and cava. What does go hand-in-hand with San Juan's night are the cocas (sweet flatbreads): from llardons (something more rigid) or glazed fruits and pine nuts with custard, custard, chocolate, etc.
Come what may, in order to digest the dessert, you have to drink a lot of cava, a very typical drink from the land that has traditionally compared to French Champagne.
Cinema scenery. More and more people go to the Carmelbunkers on the night of San Juan to have a 360º view of Barcelona. The truth is that on clear days without pollution is a spectacle of firecrackers and fireworks.
Where to stay?
As the celebrations of San Juan are spread throughout the city, it is best to book accommodation in a central location, comfortable and well connected by public transport. While staying at Fisa Rentals holiday rental apartments you can feel at home while you enjoy one of the most beautiful celebrations in Barcelona.
These are our options:
Aribau street nº112or Gran Vía de Barcelona nº662, in the golden square of Eixample, one step away from Diagonal, Paseo de Gracia, Plaza Cataluña ...
Marqués de Sentmenat street nº84, in the quiet neighborhood of Les Corts, very close to the Camp Nou and well connected by metro, bus and train station Sants Estació. Ideal to attend congresses and events in Plaza España (20 minutes away by foot).
Pelai street nº11, located in one of the best valued areas by tourists, next to Plaza Universidad with the CCCB, the Macba museum and 5-minute walk from Las Ramblas and Plaza Cataluña.
Choose your favourite and enjoy as one more local of the "revetlla de Sant Joan" 2019 in Barcelona.

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