Booking conditions for short-term rentals / holiday rentals


It is necessary to pay 25% of your stay by credit card to confirm your reservation. The booking will be confirmed when payment is received FisaRentals 25% of stay and receive e-mail confirmation that you should keep for your records.

Payment of stay


a) By credit card: must be requested at least 48 h. prior to your arrival and will be sent by e-mail the link to the payment through our secure payment online.

b) By transfer: You must apply by e-mail and remit the net amount of stay with a minimum of 10 days prior to arrival.

Promotional packages (offers and promotions)

The packages and promotional offers are subject to promotion conditions.

Pay on arrival

You must go to our Check-in office at the reception of the building Calle Bruc, 44 to settle the outstanding amount (see check-in section) by credit card, Visa Visa MasterCard - American Express - Union Pay, or by means of cash, provided that the amount pending settlement is less than the amount of two thousand five hundred euros (2,500.- €), in accordance with the provisions of article 7 of Law 7/2012 of 29 October, modification of tax and budget regulations and adjustment of financial regulations to intensify actions in the prevention and fight against fraud. In the event that the amount to be settled is equal to or greater than the amount of two thousand five hundred euros (2,500.- €), this must be paid by credit card.
For this purpose, cash shall be understood as (i) paper money and metallic currency, national or foreign, (ii) bearer bank checks denominated in any currency, and (iii) any other physical means, including electronic means, conceived to be used as a means of payment to the bearer.

Cancellations and changes

All cancellations or changes must be communicated by e-mail to or No cancellations or changes are accepted by phone.

The changes do not involve any extra cost for management, but are subject to availability and prevailing rates at the time of. No more than two changes permitted on the same booking.

Cancellation policy: Free cancellation until 24h before the check-in day.

The cancellation policy above mentioned is valid for all bookings made on the website except for special dates (Mobile World Congress, Easter week, New Year’s Eve).

Long stays: Our long stay cancellation policy applies to all reservations of 28 days or more and overrides your standard cancellation policy in those cases. This policy allows guests to cancel and receive a full refund only within 48 hours of booking and only if it is 7 days or more until arrival.

In case of a no-show the total amount of the booking will be charged.

*These conditions apply only to holiday rental bookings (short term rentals), not for long-term bookings (monthly rentals).

Added Value Tax

Prices provided by Fisa Rentals include the legal VAT rate applicable at the time of booking. Any change in the tax rate shall be rectified at the time the invoice is issued to enter the apartment.

Tourist tax

The price of the reservation does not include the city tax, which must be paid at the time of check-in, at the rate of 3 € x person x night (up to a maximum of seven nights). All children under 17 years are exempt from payment of the fee. The responsible person must prove that condition by signing the Declaration of Responsibility (Art. 6.2 Decree 129/2012).

Security deposit

At the time of handing over the keys must pay a deposit of 200€ to cover any damage that may occur in the apartment for reasons attributable to misuse or negligence by the customer.

For monthly stays, the amount will be calculated over the rental price.

It is not permitted to partially or totally sublet the property in any matter. Failure to comply with this obligation shall entitle FisaRentals to refuse accommodation or expulsion and shall not be entitled to claim any compensation, including the security deposit.

Remember to accept our terms, you agree that any damages caused by you and your passengers will be deducted from your deposit and be liable for any damages that exceed the amount of the same.

All damage deposits will be returned in full to the same credit card used for payment within 48 hours, once vacated the apartment and checked the status.

The bonds will be returned cashed by bank transfer to the account that will facilitate email client to be charged to the customer all bank charges arising. Under no circumstances may cash bond returned.

Before you arrive

Please make sure you have updated your arrival details. Keep the service check in informed of any delays or changes by calling (+34) 651 302 320 (in our reception hours) or by sending an e-mail to


In order to make the entry into the apartment should be addressed to our office located at the check in desk of the building on the Calle Bruc, 44 and provide the following documentation:

- Card / Passport Identification of all occupants of the apartment

- Credit card for payment of the rest of the stay and the deposit

The time of the check-in is from 15h and up to 20 h, if you are planning to arrive after 20h you must inform of the delay to the reception and arrange your arrival time. Check in starting at 21h and until 24h have an extra additional cost of 30€.

You can consult the online check-in if you can occupy the apartment before the scheduled time. We remind you that can save your bags in the luggage of our schedule reception open to the public.

Delivery of keys / code. Upon check-in, the guest will receive one (or two) electronic keys / codes programmed to access the apartment. The electronic keys / codes are programmed to stop working at 11am. of the day indicated as the end of the reservation.

Number and identity of the occupants

In each booking the customer must indicate the number of occupants to use the apartment, adjusting to the amount stated in the description.

It is strictly forbidden to use the apartment for an occupant load greater than stated when booking, unless expressly authorized, and if after payment of the agreed price increase.

Failure to comply with this obligation shall entitle FisaRentals to refuse accommodation or expulsion and shall not be entitled to claim any compensation.

The placement of a supplemental or crib after his arrival, that is not declared on the reservation will be made within 24 hours and will have an additional charge of 20€. This service is not available on weekends and holidays.

Electronic keys and access codes

Guests are responsible for the keys and use given them correctly, assuming if the cost of the following interventions:

Our apartments located in the Calle Marques de Sentmenat (Les Corts) feature access codes that will be made from 3pm on the day of arrival.

Check out

The output of the apartment must be made before 11am to the time needed for cleaning and preparation of the apartment. If you need to leave after this time must notify us in advance email and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Any unauthorized departures after 11am will be penalized with a penalty of 100% of the daily rate.

Leave all sets of keys on the table and close the door behind you. Make sure beforehand that forgets nothing inside the apartment.

Objects forgotten

In the case of neglect / abandonment / removal Fisa Rentals apartment will communicate by email that you forgot / removed their belongings and keep them in custody for one month from the date of communication.

During the stay

While in Barcelona have a contact number to any queries or concerns that may arise about the apartment. If there are problems with the apartment or a deterioration occur accidentally, should immediately contact +34 651 302 320 or mail order to resolving the issue.

Renewal of stay

If you wish to extend your stay in the apartment, he must notify as soon as possible Fisa Rentals

Depending on availability, will continue to occupy the same apartment on payment of the new room, or you can change apartments understood here as new reserves.

Cleaning and Cleaning Service

The apartment will be cleaned and checked from 3pm on the day of arrival.

If you want to hire an additional cleaning or ironing thanking you indicate at the comments box when booking. Clic here to see all of our extra services.

Internet Connection

All our apartments have free wifi access 24 hours. Find the password on the display panel inside the apartment.


No types of pets are allowed in the apartment. The breach of this condition shall entitle FisaRentals customers to evict the apartment without being able to claim any compensation.


It is included in the price of the stay in the apartment the cost of water and electricity supplies in response to responsible consumption. An over-consumption will be charged to the customer, from the following limitations.

- Water consumption: 0.34 m3 X day and apartment

- Light Consumption: 19.55 Kw X day and apartment

- Gas Consumption: 8.71 Kw X day and apartment


Le (s) appreciates that at all times maintain appropriate behavior and respect the rules of coexistence and the rest of the neighbors especially with reference to:

- No smoking throughout the building

- Avoid discomfort by high volumes of music devices, television and all those noises that can be annoying.

- Do not make any kind of parties

If any of the people who are staying in the apartments is not behaving properly or responsible FisaRentals entitled to ask the client, and the persons accompanying him, to reconsider (n) the action or abandon (n) immediately the apartment without the right to claim any further compensation.


Fisa Rentals not responsible for any damages and / or losses that may arise from your use during a guest's stay at the apartment (including damage to persons or property, losses due to theft, fire or criminal activity).

Each apartment has a book of instructions for the proper use of the facilities and appliances.

In the event that during the stay there was any fault of others to misuse by the customer, will handle Fisa Rentals repaired as soon as possible after you notify the client. If for some reason could not fix and were unable to continue the stay in the apartment the client either: a) leave the apartment and is repaid to the portion of stay or b) accept a new location, with similar characteristics that could provide while Fisa Rentals remedy the problem.

Force majeure

In case of force majeure shall suspend the obligations under the contract FisaRentals accommodation booking. In these cases, if after three days of suspension, persists the force majeure preventing Fisa Rentals fulfilling their obligations, both parties shall be entitled to terminate the contract, without obligation for compensation arising out of damages for any of the parties concerned.

These effects are due to force majeure, any circumstance or situation that occurs without any influence or intervention FisaRentals and preventing him from fulfilling their obligations under this reserve temporarily or permanently. Be construed as such, among others, war, threat of war, riots, vandalism or terrorism and other public disturbances, fires, natural disasters, strikes, restrictive administrative measures, lack general goods or services needed to carry out the agreed obligation, unforeseeable stagnation by suppliers or other third parties dependent and transport problems in general.

In those cases in which, despite attending a situation of force majeure, Fisa Rentals can partially fulfill its obligations, shall be entitled to invoice the actually accomplished or can accomplish and the user is obligated to pay for services that have been rendered partially.

Exceptional condition:

Fisa Rentals will refund the amount of your reservation if the state of emergency does not allow the occupation of the apartments.

Fisa Rentals, as a response to Covid-19, is applying cleaning and disinfection protocols to guarantee your safety.

You will see the detail in the common spaces of our buildings.

This information will be useful to you from the moment of your arrival.

Daily cleaning and disinfection of:

Barcelona, 25th May 2020.