COVID-19 Safe, our commitment during COVID-19

At Fisa Rentals  we´ve always taken care of the cleanliness of our apartments. That´s why, at a time when extreme hygiene measures are required, we´ve created an even stricter safety protocol:

    Cleaning and disinfection at Fisa Rentals apartments

    The Fisa Rentals apartments strict cleaning and disinfection protocol, explained step by step:

    1. The team begins at the inner most part of the apartment, cleaning as they make their way out. start working from the furthest area to the exit and ending in it. Emphasizing the cleaning and disinfection of the most commonly used objects and utensils, such as switches, knobs, faucets, chairs, tables, cabinets, etc.
    2. They open the windows to air the apartment out while removing all   linens and towels.
    3. Cleaning and disinfection of the kitchen, oven, extractor hood, countertops, sink, cabinets, surfaces and sink hole, including running of the dishwasher at 65 degrees (C) for the removal of bacteria and viruses.
    4. Bathrooms: Cleaning and disinfection of the shower and/or bathtub, shower screen and tiles. As well as the cabinets and other surfaces, the mirror and the toilet. 
      Replenish WC paper, floor towel mat and amenities.
    5. In the bedroom, they clean and disinfect surfaces, cabinets, tables, lamps, chairs, etc. They dust off and dress the bed.
    6. Likewise, in the living / dining room shake cushions and the sofa, and clean and disinfect the surfaces of furniture, tables, chairs, TV, decorative objects, etc.
    7. Finally, vacuuming and mopping, from the inner most part to the entrance door.


    All products are included in a Technical and SafetySheet and the date is registered to guarantee the effectiveness.

    Make your reservation now at Fisa Rentals apartments for rent per days or months with the strictest hygiene and disinfection protocols to cope with the COVID-19.

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    *The fine print: before confirming your reservation, take a look at how we are preparing our properties clicking here.